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Real Estate

Massimo handles all things related to real estate, from selling and purchasing residential homes, condos, co-ops, and commercial properties to closing. The end game of any real estate transaction is getting to the closing table, but the process involves many nuts and bolts that Massimo can help you manage. The closing occurs at the end of mortgage loan processing and consists of passing the property title from seller to buyer.

What other real estate services does Massimo offer?

  • Deed transfers –– The process of transferring property title from one party to another.
  • Title review –– This process confirms that the seller owns the property and its rights, so they are entitled to pass it on to a new owner.
  • Powers of attorney –– Legal documentation that transfers legal rights to an attorney to someone who can access the property if the principal owner cannot do so themselves.
  • Residential and commercial leasing –– For investors and owners of commercial and residential real estate that plan to make money by leasing the property out to tenants, Massimo can assist with leasing protocol. 
  • Mortgage refinance transactions –– You can refinance a mortgage loan to replace your current loan for a reduced interest rate. 


If a borrower cannot pay back their loan, then the lender has a legal precedent for recovering that balance by forcing the sale of the property or additional assets. To avoid foreclosure, Massimo can provide foreclosure defense, the legal method used to prevent foreclosure, generally done by modifying mortgage payments.

  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure –– To release yourself from mortgage responsibilities, a deed can be used instead of foreclosure to protect your credit report.
  • Short sales –– Those in financial distress can sell their home to the lender for a lesser amount than is still owed on the mortgage.
  • Post-Foreclosure Evictions –– Once the foreclosure has occurred, the new owner will serve the resident an eviction notice as they seek to take control of the property.

Business Law

Business law services are primarily applicable to investors, both domestic and international. 

  • Starting a new business –– Starting a business involves financial planning, development, market research, and legal requirements. After selecting a location and conducting your research, you'll need to register your name and brand to make it legal, likely with federal and state governments. Your new business will also require various licenses and permits to remain legally compliant depending on the service offered.
  • Limited liability companies –– These are a type of business structure that combines elements of corporations with a sole proprietorship. It is used to keep owners from being liable for any company debts and liabilities. 
  • DBA and fictitious name filings –– A DBA, or "Doing Business As," filing lets you create a "fictitious" name for doing business so you can legally operate under a trade name.
  • Shareholder agreements –– Company shareholders need to agree on how to operate the company on the day-to-day. These agreements are designed to ensure shareholders uphold the agreed-upon rules and regulations. 
  • Operating agreements –– Similar to shareholder agreements, operating agreements are a way to keep everything within a company running smoothly among the shareholders and executives. While shareholders are to protect individual rights, operating agreements refer more to financial and functional decisions. These agreements are critical for limited liability companies.
  • Business transactions –– There are different types of business transactions, such as purchasing inventory from a supplier or selling goods to a customer. Any event where a third party is recorded in a company's financial system could be considered a business transaction.
  • Contract review –– An attorney can read and review a written agreement and analyze it to ascertain whether or not the contract is fair. They can establish whether there are potential loopholes that could harm you down the line. The goal is to make sure your rights and assets are protected.

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